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Paul Stubblebine: Mastering Engineer


Studio Without Walls

Nathaniel Kunkel


Millennia's Philosophy

Tips on selecting Mic Preamps.

Why is one mic preamp different than another? And why is one "better"? (Best part is half way down the page.)

Microphone Preamplifier Design- Techniques and Definitions

A paper originally published in R-E-P Magazine by John La Grou of Millenia Media, revised April 1997...


Silent Way

Loaded with music and recording info, tips and links. There's always something new so check it out.


Expert Forums

Gig, EQ & MusicPlayer

A dozen cool forums, with active discussions on recording technology and real-world tips. Including:

  • Roger Nichols' Digital Recording Forum
  • Ask George Massenburg
  • Ed Cherney- Behind the Big Board
  • Al Kooper's Guide to the Music Biz
  • David Frangioni- Studio Tech
  • Craig Anderton's Sound, Studio, and Stage
  • ____________________________________________________________________________