Pro Tools Live Multitrack Remote Recording in San Francisco and Greater Bay Area

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Rental Gear Description

AD/DA Converter

Apogee Rosetta192-44.1 - 8 channel AD - DA Converter. AES-TDIF-OPTICAL-SPDIF
Apogee AD-80008 Channel, 24 bit, UV22 I/O w/ Pro Tools, AES-EBU, TDIF, ADAT & analog I/O cards + video sync
Apogee PSX-100Two ch. 96k, 24 bit A/D-D/A
192 Protools HD I/O8 channel Protools interface HD

HD Sync I/OSync for HD Pro Tools System
Digidesign 888/24 I/OStill in stock 8 Channel, 24 bit I/O for Pro Tools or stand-alone w/ AES-EBU & analog
Universal Slave DriverStill In stock-Sync for Pro Tools Mix system

Digital Multitrack Recorders

Tascam MX-2424Still Attainable-24 track 24-bit harddisk recorder with removable SCSI drive
Tascam DA-98HR8 Tk, 24 bit digital recorder with AES/EBU (TDIF, DTRS Hi-8), post production synchronization, confidence monitoring
High Resolution 48kHz mode (8 tracks), 96kHz mode (4 tracks) and192kHz mode (2 tracks)
Tascam DA-78HR8 Tk, 24 bit digital recorder with S/PDIF (TDIF, DTRS Hi-8)
Tascam DA-988 Tk, 16 bit digital recorder w/ 20 bit converters, confidence monitoring (TDIF, DTRS)
Tascam DA-888 Track digital recorder w/ SY-88 sync card (TDIF, DTRS)
Tascam DA-388 Track digital recorder w/ 18 bit converters (TDIF, DTRS)
Sony PCM-8008 Track digital recorder w/ sync, AES digital I/O (AES, DTRS)
Alesis XT2020 bit 8 Track digital recorder (ADAT type II)

Digital Multitrack Accessories

Tascam RC-848Remote autolocator for Tascam DA-88 or any DTRS
Tascam IF-AE824 bit capable TDIF, AES/EBU translator with sample rate conversion
Alesis BRCRemote control for ADAT system
Alesis AI-2Synchronizing interface for ADAT
Otari UFC-2424 track ADAT/TDIF/AES-EBU translator
Blackburst/ Wordclock Generator PackageAardvark Aardync and Horita Blackburst

Two-Track Recorder

Alesis Masterlink24 bit/96k High-Resolution 2-track hard disk recorder with CDR
Tascam DA-45HR24 bit DAT recorder
Tascam DA-P1 PortaDATPortable DAT
Tascam CDRW-8000 CD RecorderCD Recorder with AES/EBU I/O

Dolby Noise Reduction

Dolby 363 SR/A pairAttainable SR/A noise reduction, stereo pair


Panasonic DA7Digital mixer w/ 24bit converters, (3) TDIF cards, SMPTE/video option
Mackie CR-1604VLZ4 Bus, 16-channel mic/line mixing board
(CR1604 + 4 buses, sweepable mids, 16 inserts, etc.)

Mic Pre/EQ/Compressor Single "Vocal" Channel

Millenia Media STT-1 OriginSingle channel vacuum tube or solid state mic preamp, line input, opto-compressor/limiter, parametric EQ, DI, and opto-de-esser
Fairman TRCPultec tube EQ with Fairchild tube limiter and tube mic pre

Tube Mic Pre

Siemens V72Tube mic pre/DI (2 ch.)

Mic Pre

George Massenburg Labs Model 8300 mic preTransformerless microphone preamplifier (4 ch. per unit)
Grace Model 8018 ch. Mic Pre
Millenia Media HV-3D8 ch. transformerless Mic Pre
Neve 1272Mic pre/direct- See Combos below
API 3124 M-PMic pre/mixer, 4 in x 4 out or 4x2 mixer

Mic Pre/EQ

Focusrite ISA110Limited Edition Class A mic pre/Equalizer
Neve 1073(2) Neve 1073 class A mic pre/3-band EQ
Neve 1081(2) Neve 1081 mic pre/4 band EQ

Tube Equalizer

Fairman TRCPultec tube EQ with Fairchild tube limiter and tube mic pre
Millenia Media STT-1 OriginSingle channel vacuum tube or solid state mic preamp, line input, opto-compressor/limiter, parametric EQ, DI, and opto-de-esser
Drawmer 1961 EQTube EQ (2 ch.)


George Massenburg Labs Model 8200 EQ5-band parametric equalizer, hi-lo shelf (2 ch.)
Avalon 2055Class A EQ (2 ch.)
API 550AEqualizer (2ch in new rack-mount p.s.)

Tube Compressor

Lydkraft Tube Tech LCA-2BTube compressor/limiter (2 ch. linkable)


Empirical Labs EL-7 FatsoCompressor/limiter
Empirical Labs EL-8 DistressorCompressor/limiter with digitally controlled analog distortion,
available as a matched pair
George Massenburg Labs Model 2020Class A Discrete Channel Strip
Neve 33609CCompressor/limiter (2 linkable ch.)
SSL Logic FX-G384Compressor/lim w/ auto-fade (St. only)
Focusrite ISA 131Compressor/limiter, de-esser, gate/expander, mid EQ/hi-lo filter
Focusrite ISA 131Stereo pair of above
dbx 160Compressor/limiter

Multiband Compressor

TC Electronic Finalizer Plus24 bit multiband compressor w/ AD/DA

Gate/De-esser, etc

DBX 902De-esser (2 ch.)
dbx 166ACompressor/limiter/gate (2 linkable ch.)


TC Electronic M300024 bit reverb/effects - The ultimate reverb!
TC Electronic Fireworx24 bit effects
Antares ATR-1 AutotuneAuto-Tune Intonation Processor, pitch correction
TC Electronic M-One24-bit Reverb with S/PDIF I/O
Yamaha SPX-90Reverb/multi-effects processor v. 1.1
Alesis Quadraverb 2Reverb/multi-effects processor v. 2.0
Digitech TSR-24SReverb/ multi-effects processor (2-in, 4-out true stereo, 18 bit/48kHz sampler) v. 2.0
Roland SRV-2000MIDI reverb/effects
P.S. Systems Power ToolSpeaker simulator w/ Palmer PDI-03 amp pwr soak/dir out

Sync Generator/MIDI

Digidesign Universal Slave Driver (USD)Synchronizer for Pro Tools systems
Mark of the Unicorn Digital TimepieceUniversal ADAT/DA-88/SMPTE/Video/ Digital Audio Synchronizer, Mac or PC
Aardvark Aardsync IIMaster sync generator
Horita RM-50IIBlackburst sync generator
Horita BSG-50Blackburst sync generator
Opcode Studio 3MIDI interface/synchronizer


Alesis RA-100Two Channel Amplifier, 100 watts into 4 ohms, 75 watts into 8 ohms, per side
Fostex PH-5Headphone amp/distributor


JBL LSR28P5.1 surround Linear Spatial Reference Studio Monitor set
with subwoofer
Studio Technologies Model 68+69StudioComm for 5.1 surround Central Controller / Control Console: remote source selector and monitor volume
Tannoy PBM-6.52-way nearfield monitors

Power Conditioner

Furman AR-117Power conditioner/surge protector

Microphone Listings:

*LC=Large diaphragm Condenser   *SC=Small diaphragm Condenser
*LD=Large diaphragm Dynamic   *SD=Small diaphragm Dynamic

Tube Microphone (all *LC, large diaphragm condenser)

AKG C-24Stereo tube mic w/ model 524 MS matrix box, N24A power supply
AKG C12Tube mic (with original N12 power supply/U2 pattern switch/cables)
AKG C12ATube mic w/ power supply, shock mount
Telefunken ELAM 251ETube mic (all original equipment- 950EC p.s.)
Neumann U67Klaus Heyne modified tube mic (all original)
Neumann M249 bcKlaus Heyne modified tube mic w/ s.m.
Neumann M49Tube mic w/ s.m. (all orig. equip., matched pair)
Blue U47Special order exact recreation of the Neumann U47
Neumann U47Long body tube mic (all original)

Ribbon Microphone

Royer R-121Ribbon mic, available individually or as a matched pair
Royer SF-12Stereo Ribbon mic
Royer SF-1Ribbon mic
Coles 4038Ribbon mic (BBC Beatles sax mic)

Brüel & Kjær Microphone (all *SC, small diaphragm condenser)

Brüel & Kjær 4011Cardioid condenser mic w/ s.m.
Brüel & Kjær 4006Matched stereo pair of 4006 omnidirectional mics

Neumann Microphone

Neumann KM84Klaus Heyne modified condenser w/ s.m. *SC
Neumann U87a iKlaus Heyne modified condenser w/ s.m. *LC
Neumann TLM-170Condenser w/ s.m. *LC
Neumann U47fet iCondenser w/ s.m. *LC
Neumann KM184Cardioid condenser mic (transformerless fet100, 20Hz-20kHz, 138dB SPL) *SC

AKG Microphone

AKG C414Klaus Heyne modified *LC
AKG 460B/CK61-ULSMic with knuckle angle swivel *SC
AKG D12EDynamic cardioid mic *LD
AKG D112Dynamic mic *LD
AKG C3000Multi-pattern Condenser mic *LC

Shure Microphone (all *SD, small diaphragm dynamic)

Shure BETA 58ASupercardioid neodymium dynamic mic
Shure SM57Dynamic mic

Sennheiser Microphone

Sennheiser 421Dynamic mic
Sennheiser 441-UDynamic mic

Tube DI

Eclair Evil Twin model 90 DITube line level direct


Countryman DIDirect box
Re-Amp/DI by CunibertiDirect impedance/level matching with DI
P.S. Systems Power ToolSpeaker simulator w/ Palmer PDI-03 amp pwr soak/dir out

Splitter, snakes, etc

ProCo MS-42A splitters4ch, 1-in, 2-out splitter, 32 channels available
Mogami 100' 8ch snakes100' eight channel snakes
Gotham 15' 16 ch digital snakes15' sixteen channel AES/EBU snake
(8 XLR, two channels each)
8 channel snakesvarious lengths
variousMic Stands, Shock Mounts., Adapters etc

[ Note that none of this is for sale. Just for rent. ]