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Visit our Monima Music page to hear some of our sound tract
to the independent full feature film "Neon Sky".

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West Fest was awesome. Thanks to great friends and musicians.
What an amazing group of singers performing
"Back To The Island" with me

Kathy Kennedy, Carol Bozio Littleton, Darby Gould, Katie Guthorn Kathy Peck and Diana Mangano
West Fest, David Denny, Kathy Kennedy, Carol Bozio Littleton, Darby Gould, Katie Guthorn Kathy Peck and Diana Mangano sing Back To The Island

Gate Way

Prairie Prince and I are starting some new music
at Praire Dog Studio. I've decided to
share it as it develops just guitar and drums -
will eventuallyhave vocals and who knows what.
Working title is > "Sometimes" < check it out

Aurora Moon

I'm grateful my friend Paul Scheffert used Aurora Moon
for his CD cover "Silent Night"

Fisherman's Wharf


David Denny and Gavin Hardkiss collaborate on
"Remember Tomorrow"
Fun project singing and playing House Music.


5 am in San Francisco is an amazing time................


"The Stake" Ringtones

"Louisiana Melody"

Diesel Harmonics Myspace ..... Created by Nicole Denny

In case you missed this CD in the last century,
it's a "diamond in the ruff" for me thanks to
Stephen Jarivs and Nathaniel Kunkel --


"Atmospheric Masquerade" A blend of water sounds
I've recorded from around the globe underneath some of my original melodies, played on a mix of different instruments

Atmospheric Masquerade Myspace created by Nicole Denny

Sacramento Street


David Denny Music Credits

A cold December morning.............. and the best pancakes in San Francisco

A clip of Carlos on Harp from
David Denny and Carlos Reyes Live at Hyde Sessions.

Carlos Reyes and myself can now be heard at
Marie 21 and Flying Myspace . Two songs from our
CD "Remnant Of Grace" recorded live at Hyde Street Studio C
in front of a small invited audience.
"Time To Let Go" and
"Down to the Bottom" are in rotation.
Produced by David Denny, recorded and mixed by Mark Willsher.
Also in rotation - "Free Falling Down" A track from
Marie, 21 and Flying.


Cousin Isaac and David Denny Collaborate

"Door To Door Video"


"d & chooch's evening routine"


"Need A Lift"

Prairie Prince, Kathy Peck ("The Contractions") and Chris Von Sneidern
joined me in the studio to complete my fourth CD "Need a Lift". Something I need to finish.
Long overdue.


Frumios Bandersnatch on Rhino Records
"Love Is The Song We Sing"

just released 4 CD set

Interview on KQED

November 4th 2008

yes we can


New 5-1-07 from Wolfgangs Vault,

A live album from my days playing lead guitar in the Steve Miller Band ,
with songs from the 1976 tour.

"The Steve Miller Band Live"Beacon Theater, New York City


Daniel East is an aweswome talent. He designed the graphics on
"The Flight Of The Frumious Bandersnatch" also the Logo"
"just slightly over - the - top" for David Denny Audio Consulting.

Here is some info about Dan

* Director of Worldwide Marketing & Artist Relations at Future Sonics Incorporated
* Writer, Author, Editor for music, pro-audio, graphic design, digital imaging and technology at Various Publications
* Managing Partner at Little Silver Records

Website: Daniel East


New 2008 - Frumious Bandersnatch CD

Produced by David Denny and Lee Parvin.

The Frumious Bandersnatch CD has been a labor of Love
for years and it is now for sale. It a representation of
who we are now as older hopefully wiser people on
the planet andwe hope you will enjoy some of our musical
thoughts and inspirations.

You can download or buy the CD. Also at the Frumious Bandersnatch
Website, CD Baby, iTunes, Digistation, among other well
know musical online music download websites.

Frumious Bandersnatch Frumious Bandersnatch's
original five members"Ross Valory, Bobby Winkelman,
David Denny, Jack King and Jimmy Warner .

Frumious Bandersnatch website

Where were you in 1969? This is a picture of us then in Golden Gate Park Do You Remember?


The All Night Flight

David Denny, Brian Hough, Jack King,

The All Night Flight has been playing gigs about the bay area.

The 40th Anniversary Of The Summer Of Love
was awesome to take part in.

San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newsom has issued a
proclamation declaring Sunday,September 2, 2007,
Summer of Love 40th Anniversary Day
For the whole story go to

Also check out http://sfgate.com/summeroflove

............GATE WAY............




Mason Denny

Mason's music projects - A cross between James Bond
and Grindhouse? Mason Denny Myspace, Dr. DM, 5 Acres of Fear.
More music from - Mason Denny - hear his music clip of the day!

Nicole Denny

Nicole Denny


New: Steve Miller Band DVD

"Live From Chicago"


Let The Rain Go By

Taqueria Animated!

The lost tapes of my solo project
were put on a back burner as we toured supporting the "Book Of Dreams"
album while I was in the"Steve Miller Band" in 1978.
"Let The Rain Go By" is now available after 30 years to download!


Marie 21 and Flying performances:
Harbin Hot Springs, Middle Town, CA.
what an experience - details coming soon!

"Marie 21 and Flying", David's Musical Monologue
Directed by David Ford
n association with The Marsh.
Movie Trailer

" SF Fringe Festival":

Marie 21 and Flying website
Marie 21 and Flying myspace website


"Fresh Procuce"


Click on pictures. The water fall and green moon
are animated gifs!


DD's Photo Montage Art


David Denny- Roller Coaster 1972


Click on Choo choo's picture to see him actually say "I love you"


Tami A Desellier

- Baby Photographer in San Francisco since 1986 "The Best"

She's taken some awesome pictures of Kathy, Me and Choo Choo along with some great stage shots

A Note From Tami


The All Night Flight in 1967.
Click on the picture to hear us at Trident Studios
when were 18 years old - just out of high school.


Podcast: titanium dbL d

04-18-06 This was an experiment on Easter Sunday. I had a photo camera that takes
one minute movies with sound. I was fooling around with software and learning technology.
After being in Idaho recovering from a broken leg and being couped up in a lodge for over
six weeks only going out side twice, you might be able to see why I made this stupid movie.
It's called "Easter and Taxes" and you probably don't want to go there.
Don't say I didn't warn you. "Easter and TaxEZ"


Some of my photo montage fun................. click on picture enlarge

______ ______

_________ ________

More art and photos coming soon!

Photo Archive - one of my favortie place with inspiring thoughts


The Steve Miller Band . Finally released:
30th Anniversary "Fly Like an Eagle" DVD

I spent a lot of time with Tom Size archiving Steve's music.
We found some exciting music you can hear on the
30 year Anniversary release of "Fly Like An Eagle"


The gangster_of_love website (Unofficial Steve Miller Band Page) is gone and now an ad site for

Sy Klopps Blues Band
Fun times with great friends and musicans


Physical Therapy while on the road ? Check out our niece: Jessica R Dickson


I have been the recording engineer for lots of live shows of great talent from the
"Yeah Yeah Yeahs Live At the Fillmore" to DJ Hugley At Cobbs Comedy Club,

Kathy Peck, honored as "Punk of the Month"
in the Punk Globe (November 2005), --- Where were you when
"The Mab" was the place in San Francisco where it was all going on?
Dirksen Molloy Productions


My first two solo albums, "Diesel Harmonics" and "Louisiana Melody"...

Both CD's available on CD Baby


click on CD cover to buy

Here are some Musical Friends


Do you like string quartets? These folks are great!
Cypress String Quartet


The Smoking Jogger

I Found this under a rock in the back yard.
It takes about 20 seconds to download
"The Smoking Jogger" with a "Tip for the Day"


Posters from the 70's

What a great time that was playing as the "BigOle Jet Airliner" flew over us as we kicked off the song.
We are all sad to hear that Paul Pena, the writer of that great song, has passed away. We love you Paul.


My wife Kathy Peck has had an exciting year as well with H.E.A.R. One of the momentous
events was the lead story in News Week . Front page cover and 8 page article.
Check it out - lots of good info there. Another article on the CNN website
about Ipods and your hearing. She has completed 3 non profit auctions on E-Bay
for the "Tech Awards Music & Sound Auction" and helped raised money for
the "Chet Helms" family. My hat is off to you my love.


Lots of new pictures of our trips of Mendocino, Idaho and more of Yosemite.

with the water as high as we have ever seen it. A bit of work to get it all up on the net but will be
working at it soon Click on their link for a taste.


Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects

Tons of free loops from nature and worldly sounds to music from my
good friend's site from Barcelona. Here is what they offer "royalty free music, sound effects,
midi files, audio software and sound advice". Of coarse, there are some
fantastic CDs you can buy. Partners in Rhyme.


Had a blast playing with the Squid Vicious Orchestra at the Tribal Stomp
in memory of ChetHelms and the Family Dog in Golden Gate Park with a
fantastc line up of groups and friends from the sixties. Woah!

After fronting the band for a few Steve Miller songs, the Vicious Orchestra
backed up Nick Gravenites and as I turned around, Greg Douglas a life long peer
and friend was playing slide right beside me and brought me back to the days in the
70's when Steve Miller's "Book of Dreams" was off the charts and Greg and I were touring
doing huge venues and flying around in Lear Jets. AH Yes! "The good old days". Like
the "Day on the Green" at the Oakland Coliseum.

How I got started, and my work as a producer in my Biography.

Check out Pictures of my bands and shots of me "back in the day."


July 12th's trip to the LICK OBSERVATORY You can actually on a clear day see Half-Dome from
Mt Hamilton. The pictures of the moon I took with my digital camera looking through the
lens of some amateur's telescopes outside the observatory.

Yosemite 2004 Our trip with a poem.


Here are some pics of our June 2003 trip to YOSEMITE NATIONAL FOREST
Great for the soul!

_Thanks for checking in!