Pro Tool Live Multitrack Remote Recording in San Francisco

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The Postal Service - Greek Theater - 48 Channel Protools HD - Venue Recording

Rupa and the April Fishes 32 Channel Protools Recording with Millennia Pre Amps

at The Independent

Carlos Reyes Live at Yoshi's - The "IGNITE" CD 32 channel Protools Recording and Mixed

The Naked and Famous - Warfield - 32 Channel Protools HD3 Recording using
Millennia Media Pre-amps for upcoming live DVD

Pegi Young - 24 Channel Pro Tools Live Recording Don Quixote's

PJ Harvey - 48 Channel ProTools HD recording at the Warfield

Bridge School Benefit Concert 2010 Shoreline, Buffalo Springfield Reunion, Steven Stills, Richie Furay, Neil Young, Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder, Elton John, Leon Russel, Elvis Costello, Jeff Bridges, Kris Kristoferson, T-Bone Burnett, Jackson Brown, David Lindley, Emmylous Harris, Lucinda Williams, HD Pro Tools recording by David Denny, 64 channels at 96k

Bridge School Benefit Concert 2010 Shoreline ................ Pro Tools Engineer 96K-64 Tracks

Collective Soul Roseland Theater Live Broadcast HDnet June 2012
- Live 48 Channel Protools recording with Venue Profile.

Bishop Walter Hawkins

Bishop Walter Hawkins "Celebration Of Life" Protools Mulitrack - Paramount Theater

Plastic Ono Band Live at Fox Theater Oakland, recorded by David Denny Pro Tools Engineer

PLASTIC ONO BAND Pro Tool live multitrack recording at the Fox Theater Oakland.

Nels Cline Live at Cafe Du Nord recorded in protoos by David Denny

Nels Cline Live at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco Pro Tools Engineer

Chickenfoot Live at the Fillmore recorded by david denny and John cuniberti with pro tools

Chickenfoot Pro Tools live multitrack remote recording at the Fillmore

Steve Miller Band - archive entire musical history. including songs released on
"30 Year Anniversary 'Fly Like an Ealge DVD"

Richard Thompson - Remote Pro Tools HD 48 channel recording at Bimbos
"1000 Years of Popular Music"

Kate Miller - Ben Folds Live The Warfield Protool Multitrack

Reza Rohani and Sara Naini Live at Yoshis 32 Channel Protools Recording


Love Center 40 Year Anniversary Edwin and Walter Hawkins
48 Channel Protools with Millennia Pre Amps

David Denny Records Freddy Clarke Solo in Pro Tools

Freddy Clarke - Pro Tools Studio Recording

Kate Miller - Ben Folds - The Warfield San Francisco - Pro tools multitrack

Roberta Gamborini at Yoshi's - pro tools multitrack remote recording

Bridge School Concert Shoreline - pro tools client

DL Hughley - remote multitrack recording Cobbs Comedy Club

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - remote pro tools multitrack recording the Fillmore

Counting Crows - remote pro tools multitrack recording at Bimbos

Life House - remote pro tool multitrack recording in Seattle

The Beastie Boys - remote pro tools recording at Civic Auditorium

Richard Thompson - remote pro tools recording at Bimbos

Blue Grass Festival SF - pro tools client

Wobbly World multitrack pro tools studio recording

Lawrence Mathew and Gospel Choir
remote pro tools multitrack recording - Walter L Hawkins Love Center

Olivet Live - remote multitrack pro tools recording - Robert Anderson

Ron Jones - songwriting for score "The Wave"

Gavin Hardkiss songwriting, protools studio recording for new release

Paul Scheffert pro tools recording "Silent Night" CD

Lee Parvin / Nancy Hall

Studio 880

Skywalker Sound

Neil Young

C S N & Young

The Independent

The Rock Church Live Recording

Redwood Covenant Live Recording

Martin McCoy

Stephen Jarvis

FM Productions

Redwood Digital Digiatl Transfers

OutPost Film Center

Sound On Stage

Joel Jaffe

Studio Instrument Rentals

Clyde Nieson remote recording choir competition

Jackie Greene

Jerry Becker

Motor Studios

Silent Way

Mark Orton (Tin Hat Trio)

Scott Solter

Myron Dove

San Francisco Symphony

Redwood Digital breaking out individual songs from live show to new sessions.

Pat Monahan


Tiny Telephone

Earl Thomas

Sharkbite Studio

Meyer Sound

Tom Luekens

Sound Expressions


Live Oak

Les Stuck

Tarpan Studio

The Grateful Dead

The Plant

Gary Mankin

Ian Hadley

San Francisco Contempory Music Player

Jeffrey Norman

Boz Skaggs

Alex Dergrassi


The Music Annex

The Fingers

Third Ear Sound

Andrew Fried

Scott Singer

Michael Rosen

Scott Steiner

Cookie Merenco

Clyde Neison Pro Tools editing

John Cuniberti - transfer- 32 tracks of DA88 to Pro Tools with TC


All Night Flight preview coming soon 7-22-08 New CD

Kathy Peck solo CD

Different Fur

Tuck and Patty

The Contractions remote recording

Marie 21 and Flying ( Musical Monologue written and performed by David Denny

Most of these projects have been recorded with Protools. A long list over a 25 year period so I've listed a few from the last year or two.

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