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I started out with this band in the 60's...

The Frumious Bandersnatch website

Here are just a few of the excellent musicians I have shared the stage or studio with.

Steve Miller Lyle Workman Norton Buffalo Lesley West
Tim Gormam George Tickner Ross Valory Jack King
Prairie Prince Carlos Reyes Neal Schon Byron Allred
Myron Dove Steff Burns Greg Allman Brian Hough
David Grisman Squid B Vicious Mick Mestick Mic Gillett
Greg Errico Michael Peloquin Bobby Vega Tom Pool
Jerry Miller Bobby Strickland Hewy Lewis Greg Douglas
SyKlopps Bobby Winkelman Rosie Gaines Any Stocking
Herman Eberitcszh Keta Bill Tommy Castro Larry Batiste
Michael Renta Marc Russo Les Dudeck Genie Tracy