David Denny - Discography

Music Credits:

SMB "Live From Chicago"
The Stake (aka - Nobody Loves You Like the Way I Do) -- songwriter (2008)

The Flight Of The Frumious Bandersnatch
guitar, vocal, engineer, co producer, songwriter (2008)

Remnat Of Grace
David Denny and Carlos Reyes Live at Hyde St -- guitar, vocal (2000)

Louisiana Melody
vocal, songwriter, guitar, engineer, co producer (1997)

Diesel Harmonics
vocal, songwriter, guitar, engineer, co producer (1993)

Bay Area Blues V1
guitar, vocal, engineer, producer > song > Without You (1996)

Calamari Gold
David Denny and Bobby Scott Studio -- songwriter, guitar, vocal, engineer, co producer (1985)

King Biscuit
guitar, vocal (1977)

Wide River
guitar, songwriter, song > Circle Of Fire (1993)

Box Set
guitar, songwriter (1994)

Greatest Hits
guitar, songwriter (1974-1978)

Book Of Dreams
guitar, songwriter, song > The Stake aka: Nobody Loves You Like The Way I Do (1978)

Circle Of Love
"live" Hollywood and Pasadena trax, though not listed on album -- guitar (1970)

Greatest Hits Eagle
guitar (1999)

A Young Man's Song
guitar (1996)

Frumious Bandersnatch
guitar, vocal (1969)

The Studio Out-Takes
guitar, vocal (1969) re-released (2002)

Tell Me What Rockers To Swallow
Yeah Yeah Yeahs -- engineer (2004)

Soul Pool
Babatunde Lea -- mixing (2002)

Tiggy Clay
guitar, producer (1982)

Teresa Trull, Barbara Higbey -- engineer (1994)

This Girls Got To Play
Joyce Colling -- technical support (2004)

Let The Rain Go By
guitar, vocal, engineer, producer (1978)

Pyranha Blues
Neal Schon -- songwriter, song > Hole In My Pocket (1999)

San Francisco Debut
Dakah Hip Hop Orchestra -- engineer (2002)

Live In Las Vegas
Al Jardine -- technical consultant (2002)

Gavin Hardkiss
guitar, vocal, songwriter (2005)

Third Wish

Joyce Cooling -- technical support (2001)

Walter Ego
Sy Klopps Blues Band -- guitar, engineer, producer (1994)

Old Blue Eye is Back
Sy Klopps Blues Band -- guitar, co-producer (1996)

Live At The Fillmore
Sy Klopps Blues Band -- guitar, recorded 1994 (released 1995)

Dice With The Universe
The Trichromes -- mixing (2002)

Krill Slippin
The Mermen -- engineer, co producer (1987)

On The Banks Of The Time
Ray's Vast Basement -- slide guitar (2000)


Ron Jones Video -- original guitar sound track (1999)

Herman Eberitszch
slide guitar (2002)

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