David Denny

Photo Montage
Wait a few moments for the animation to load


san francisco night time surreal tall buildings with moon


Spring is here and the LFos are back!

Finally I made a first attempt at this montage animated gif.
click on Tu Lan below and watch what slowly happens.

Tu Lan

Tu Lan on Fire

Castro Theater, San Francisco, animated gif

Harvey's Hood

Neon Friska

Sacramento Street

surreal, moon and garden, vivid colors
Night Posts

eat at joe's, fisherman's wharf, rainy night with neon lights, animated gif

Fishermans Wharf 12-24-2008

Chihuly Glass

Chihuly Glass Exhibit, neon lights, San Francisco, animated gif

Magic Hall

spooky, hallway, animated gif

fishing boat, early morning fog, San Francisco Bridge, animated gif

5:00 am in San Francisco is an amazing time ..

Arboretum, with foggy sf bridge in background, animated gif

Arboretum - As the fog lifts.

Sears Restaurant, Union square, San Francisco animated gif
The Best Pancakes in San Francisco

surfer girls, guitar, neon lights, animated gif


Sea, Rocks, Moon


Taquaria, Valencia St


Fish Aquarium animated gif

Marie, 21 and flying to my house!

marie 21 and flying

Click on pictures -- the water fall and green moon are animated gifs........ fun

moon and sea––––– waterfall and UFO––––– san francisco city hall and huge moon

November 4, 2008 -Yes we can!

long horn cow and sun

Some of my photo montage fun................. click on picture enlarge

sailing ship, view of sea______surreal moon and garden ______chickens all in a row in the city

bay bridge black and white_________ ________ golden gate black and white

More art and photos coming soon!

david denny head shot

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